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Tips For Picking The Right Dining Room Chairs

You choose an amazing dining table that leaves people breathless, but the chase for an ideal dining room is not even close to be over: you still have to deal with choosing the proper dining room chairs, and to find pieces that can match both your table and your personality.

The good news, however, is that there are many options to satisfy each taste, all the way from midcentury lovers to minimalism aficionados.

Give us few minutes of your time, and check our tips for picking the right dining room chairs:

Dissolving the myth of matching chairs
How to choose the right dining room chairs? Sounds like fun, but it usually ends up being a confusing experience.

Today’s fashion dictates chairs to be interesting, rather than matching, so feel free to choose ones that don’t match your table. Unless the chairs have some type of historical or emotional value for you, the table has to be given priority.

Many buyers neglect the importance of size as choosing a model or color is a much more glamorous part of the process.

The truth is that choosing the right size is much more important, and you need to determine it in advance so that you will know what you’re looking for.

In addition, the size of your table is not the only criterion to be considered: you have to think of the room too.

Size matters

In case you’re not planning to keep the table extended all the time, plan some space in the room for extra chairs.

Armless dining chairs should be approximately twenty-two inches wide, but you don’t have to respect the standard if you already have a supersized dining table, or a big room to place them in.

The minimal width should be 17 inches, since otherwise there would be no enough space to support the derriere. The ideal depth for comfortable seating is somewhere between 20 and 24 inches.

Height is usually standardized, which takes at least part of the burden off your shoulders.

Measuring yours, however, is not a bad idea: you still need to consider the distance from the top of the apron to the floor, so that you will choose chairs which can actually fit under that table.

Note the height

The distance between the seat and the apron should be at least 7 inches, so that guests will have enough space to place their legs comfortably.

Armchairs vs. Armless chairs
There is nothing wrong with any of them; it is just a matter of taste, style, or need.

Doing it the customary way, you’d have to put armchairs at the heads, and armless ones on the side, but that’s not absolutely necessary in modern and personalized spaces. Simply go for the ones you like more.

Armchairs vs. Armless chairs

If we had to vote for a more popular options, we’d say that armless chairs are considerably fancier right now, but there is no reason for you to follow this trend if the room doesn’t’ allow it.

Round and oval chairs
Shapes, the same as sizes, depend on the room and the overall style that is being applied. Round and oval chairs are an interesting choice, which looks the best with a similarly-shaped table.

Round and oval chairs

The secret is to keep shapes balanced in order to ensure harmony in the entire room.

Common design elements
Interior design nowadays is everything but strict, which allows you to employ your creativity, and to mix unmixable pieces and turn them into cute sets.

However, had you decided to pair traditional chairs with chic and conventional tables, look for at least one design elements they have in common.

It can be a sinuous leg, a lining pattern, identical upholstery swirls, or anything similar that comes to your mind.

Matching different decorative elements
People focus on the relation between their chairs and tables so badly, that they neglect the fact that a dining room can look balanced even when chairs are visually related to another element.

Colors are an excellent way to ensure a visual connection between the chairs and the rest of the room, for instance yellow chairs combined with cheerful pendant lights.

Matching different decorative elements

The color doesn’t have to be exactly the same: even strong contrasts can make the connection work!

Strict looks
As we already mentioned, strict and precise combinations are no longer absolutely necessary, but in case you’d like your home to be a single-style haven, stick to the same colors and materials.

You can still achieve variety by choosing chairs with leg styles different than the table’s (carved and plain, for instance), or by simply lacquering the chairs to add flavor to the scenario.

Portable elements
You’ll already have trouble taking the table out when renovating or moving, so make sure chairs are not going to cause similar problems.

Look for slatted back ones because they’re the easiest to move (you can grip them use the void space between the slat and the frame).

At the same time, look for something lighter that won’t require two people to take it out. Upholstered chairs are usually the heaviest ones, so avoid them in case you’re planning to move furniture around.

Old flavors in modern scenarios
When designing a modern dining room, you should consider adding a bit of vintage flair using cute décor staples.

Old flavors in modern scenarios

Contemporary spaces can benefit big time from history flashes, such as the breaking hit of bringing 50s’ Cherner chairs in modern dining rooms. With a unique element such as this one, your dining space will never look boring or dull.

Benches vs. chairs
The trendiest decoration hint at the moment is to replace chairs with side benches, which owns its popularity to the fact that it looks equally good in country homes and contemporary halls.

A distinctive advantage is that you can always squeeze an extra person on a bench, but you have to remember that benches can affect the usual dining commodity.

Benches vs. chairs

Benches are also welcome in rooms where the focal point is supposed to be the table, in order not to disturb the view with long chair backs.

Finally, benches are a good idea because they come in all heights and sizes, with or without backs and upholstery. The choice is just endless.

Upholstery is both comfortable and beautiful. Still, how willing are you to clean it each and every time someone spills something on the chair?

If you want to get the looks without worrying too much, pick a natural material that is easy to maintain, such as leather, suede, commercial fabrics or cotton blends.

Stay away from multilevel fabrics such as velvet or chenille, because such will remind of their better days even when nothing is spoilt on them.

Simple and casual
Your home is your private haven – a place where you’ll arrive tired and stressed, and you’ll want nothing more than to relax and to spend pleasant moments with your family. Therefore, why would you go for an extravagantly elegant solution?

A dining room feels much fresher with soft colors and nature-inspired elements, and it will most likely inspire some positive energy on every family meal.

Quality comes first

Quality comes first

You need to estimate quality before you’re sold on whatever beautiful element:

  • The structure must be sound, so try to confirm it by moving the chair and jiggling it with care. None of the arms, legs, or back should sway or feel loose.
  • Sit on the chair, and check whether it is comfortable. It is the best way to ensure that you’re buying a single piece, not few wooden blocks glued together.
  • The surface must be smooth. Every splintering or snag, as small as it is, will be a problem in future, so check properly before you choose something.
  • Vintage chairs and original antiques are indeed the proudest moment of your décor, but they’re rarely in a usable condition. At the same time, their price may not allow you to do altering. If you want something to admire and to sit on at the same time, make sure it can support the weight of an average adult.



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