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Dressing Room Design Ideas & Tips

The well designed dressing room is a glossy home magazine favourite but no matter your budget, there’s a dressing room design out there for you to replicate. Most dressing rooms are converted spare rooms next to master bedrooms. They’re easy to access and you can save the hassle of walking from room to room by installing a door between the ...

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How To Turn A Walk-In Closet Into A Glamorous Dressing Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet — an admitted luxury — why not make it a beautiful one? The first step is creating the proper storage, but beyond that it’s all about styling your space so that it feels inviting. Here are five styling tricks to make your real-life closet feel like a high-end boutique dressing room. ...

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Beautifully Organized Closets and Dressing Rooms

Configure space in a way that is chic as well as storage savvy Light and Bright This designer is known for her white and ivory interiors, and the dressing room (in her own home) is no exception. White-painted cabinets with glass-front doors, soft neutral carpet, ample natural light, and open racks make getting dressed a pleasure. And the clothes themselves ...

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12 Helpful Hints to Create a Small Dressing Room

Creative tips to get the most out of a small walk-in wardrobe and avoid the clutter In a dream world, most women I know (including myself), would love a walk-in wardrobe the size of a master bedroom. A room purely dedicated to housing an extravagant shoe collection, luxurious gowns and, of course, the freestanding dressing table, full-length mirror and token ...

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How to create a dressing room

Create your dream dressing room or walk-in wardrobe with this expert advice Walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms are on a growing number of renovation wishlists, and rightly so — their popularity means they can add value to your home. As well as being a luxury, dressing rooms offer a number of practicalities, too: Clothing fibres contribute to dust, so storing ...

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